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What is a chimney fan?
A chimney fan is a unit that helps maintain a smoke and odour-free indoor climate when you are using your stove or fireplace. Chimney fans are fitted to your chimney and ensure optimal draft irrespective of weather conditions and location.

Optimal draft in your chimney makes lighting and restoking solid fuel fires easier and stops smoke spilling into the room. It also ensures optimal combustion and prevents ash and dust being blown into the room.

The chimney fan itself is an electrically powered ventilator. Its operation can be regulated using a control unit

The exodraft chimney fan consists of a chimney fan connected to a manual or automatic control unit to adjust the draw of the fan. The chimney fan can be opened easily, enabling a chimney sweep to sweep the chimney and clean the chimney fan without any problems.  

For more information about click, open fires or gas fires and gas appliances.


Open Fires

Chimney Fans draw the smoke form a fire in the correct direction, i.e. up the chimney. This can stops dust and smoke from entering a room. The chimney fans have many features:-

Light the fire easily
  • Better updraft saves time and makes fire lighting

No smoke or fumes

  • Continuous optimal updraft regardless of weather conditions
  • Keeps smoke and fumes out of the house

Good combustion, better heating economy

  • Continuous optimal updraft
  • Optimal oxygen feed means optimal burn regardless of weather conditions 
  • With the right type of fuel, perfect combustion can mean that you save up to 15 per cent on fuel.

Healthier indoor climate with less soot and dust

  • Improves air quality because soot and smoke particles are reduced to a minimum
  • Healthier indoor climate
  • Cuts down on cleaning and keeps your walls free of soot.

Extra ventilation

  • The chimney fan can be used as extra ventilation in hot weather when there is no fire or stove alight.
Gas Fires & Appliances

exodraftís chimney fan systems for open gas fireplaces are the only ones on the market that feature an approved fail-safe functionality. This ensures that your family is not exposed to any unnecessary hazards from your open gas fireplace. You can both secure an existing gas fireplace or choose a new fail-safe model.  

In addition, the chimney fan system gives you the freedom to choose your gas fireplace on the basis of what you want, rather than what the building architecture or layout will allow. In some countries the system can be used together with a wall-mounted chimney fan.



  Safety - a secure failsafe system
  • Fans's control system automatically shuts off the gas if there is insufficient updraft in the chimney
  • Dangerous gasses are drawn up the chimney, and away from the living room
  • The only gas directive approved system currently available. (EN298 GASTEC approval)

Solves all spillage problems

  • The chimney fan system creates optimal updraft in your chimney regardless of wind and weather conditions, thus eliminating all back draft into your living room.

No chimney required

  • The chimney fan system works equally well installed on a traditional chimney or attached to an outside wall (not usable solution in all countries). This gives you the freedom to choose the gas fireplace that suits your needs.

Healthier indoor climate

  • Thanks to the optimal draught created by the chimney fan system, all harmful gas fumes are kept out of the house and fresh air flow is increased.  The chimney fan removes the hazardous flue gases. It also ensures a steady supply of fresh air.